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Eagles Christian Academy

Monica Muoki has been a partner with Heart of the Bride since 2011 but she has been reaching the children of the poor village of Kithianio, Kenya since 2008 through a weekly community youth ministry.  While she has been an instrument in the Lord’s hands to reach hundreds of kids, she also came to realize that they are increasingly exposed to the world’s influences throughout the week in the public school system.  While seeking the Lord for an answer to this challenge, He gave her a vision for the Eagles Christian Academy, a kindergarten-12th grade school providing a quality education, biblically based discipleship, regular nutrition, and life training.  Following the direction of the Lord, Monica opened the Eagles Christian Academy in 2016 with her own money. Today, the Eagles Christian Academy has 35 students reaching kindergarten through 4th grade.  Monica plans to add an additional grade each year until the school provides opportunity all the way to graduation.  In 2017, HOB officially partnered with the Eagles Academy.  Now, orphaned and impoverished students from Kithianio are available for sponsorship through Heart of the Bride.  A $50 per month sponsorship provides a quality Christian education, regular nutrition, and Biblical discipleship to a deserving student.  In addition, sponsors have the opportunity to engage in a personal relationship with their child in Kenya through two-way communication.