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Adoption Aid Grants

As a ministry, we are surrounded by families that have responded to God’s call and heart for adoption. Although, our primary focus is caring for orphans in places where the need is pandemic, our ultimate goal is to bring orphans into families.

For us, some of those families have 40 children, but when it can be more intimate, we want to do everything we can to support and encourage that pursuit. In light of that commitment, and in response to the strong burden and oversight commitment from one of our supporters, the HOB Board of Directors unanimously voted to expand our mission to include adoption aid by providing assistance grants to adoptive families as God provides. HOB is not becoming an adoption agency, but we do have resources and staff members that can provide valuable help in getting families started. In keeping with our overall mission, we will only be helping families who have already made sacrificial commitments: we will be sharing the burden, not taking it. Ultimately God will be the provider to those who are called to adopt. As a ministry that shares His heart for orphans, it is simply our desire and joy to be a part of that work.

HOB’s Adoption Aid Ministry will help provide assistance grants to qualified adoptive families as God provides.


Please contact Carol at carol@heartofthebride.org for updated deadline


  1. Families must have a current approved home study by a licensed 501c3 placing adoption agency.
  2. Families must be adopting through a licensed 501c3 adoption placement agency.
  3. Applications cannot be submitted post-placement.
  4. All applications and supporting documents must be sent in at one time in one packet by the application deadline to be considered.

Just getting started with the adoption process? Download our Resource Guide for Those Considering Adoption

Adoption Grant Questions?
Contact Us 

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Emerald Coast Mudrun for Orphans


#GetMuddy and #DoGood

The MudRun was created with the hopes of engaging the local community to support orphan care.  Since 2012 we have had thousands in our community volunteer or run. This event is dependent on the communities involvement and we need your help. This year’s race is  May 18th. To register to run or volunteer please visit www.emeraldcoastmudrun.com 

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Care Portal


We help connect churches in the area to help solve the foster needs in Okaloosa County.

We’ve go an easy-to-emplement program that equips your church to connect and support families in the child welfare system.

Click here to find out more.

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