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Care Portal

Heart of the Bride / Care Portal

We are proud to announce that Heart of the Bride has become an implementing partner for CarePortal. What is CarePortal you ask?  CarePortal is an online platform used to connect child service agencies with churches to meet the needs they see every day.

For example: a caseworker is working with a young dad who is trying to keep his family together but just doesn’t have the resources to provide all they need to keep them safe (car seats, beds, etc.). The caseworker describes their situation and puts a request into the system which is immediately sent to 10 churches in proximity to the family. Bethany, at First Presbyterian, sees the request and says, “Hey, my kid just outgrew their toddler bed, I’d be happy to pass it on to someone in need.” John, at Calvary Baptist, says “I’d be happy to buy a new car seat for them”.  They reach out with the caseworker and arrange a time to deliver the items. While delivering the items they treat the family with love and respect, offer prayer, see if they have other needs, and invite them to church where they can be surrounded by community and begin life changing relationships that further strengthen their family and equip them to create a healthy environment for their children.  For more examples of ways that CarePortal is helping families, check out their open requests page.

As a CarePortal implementing partner we will be responsible for recruiting and training churches and child service agencies to use the system and standing in the middle, between church and agency, as a contact and liaison.

Wondering what you can do? We would love it if you talked to your pastor about getting your church signed up! We will need at least 10 churches willing to participate before we can begin accepting requests from child service agencies. Once your church is enrolled, you can sign up to be a “responder” and receive emails about new requests in your area.

We are really excited about this easy way to get the whole community to rally around families in crisis. Here is a quick video describing CarePortal that you can share with others in your church and community. If you would like to know more, check out or feel free to email Sharilyn at

Thank you for the way that you love and support kids in our community!