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Heart of the Bride was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping provide for the needs of orphans around the world. Our primary mission is to Share From Our Abundance With Those In Greatest Need.

We provide Loving Homes, Education, Discipleship, and Economic Opportunities for over 500 orphans in Haiti, Kenya, India, Crimea, and Zambia.

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Meet the members of our team who are enabling people living in extreme poverty to realize their full potential and to exercise their power to create change.

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Our shared values unite us in the fight against extreme poverty. Learn what drives us, and maybe you’ll realize our same values drive you.

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We publish audited annual reports and invite third-party evaluation to uphold our commitment to transparency and accountability.

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Over a decade ago, our family began taking small steps to share directly with others who were helping the needy in struggling places around the world. We had no idea where those small steps would lead. Today Heart of the Bride is providing for hundreds of orphans, street kids, and vulnerable women through personal relationships. We are an international family, and we continue to grow through relationships. We meet new partners through missionaries and through our existing global partners. We meet new contributors through those who are already participating in this work. We want to continue to grow, but we are committed to expand with a focus on relationship. You are welcomed to join our family. So take a look around and get to know the people we are helping. HOB Ministries at a Glance would be the best place to take your first step, and if you want to know more, feel free to contact us directly.