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Heart of the Bride / Sponsorship

As a sponsor, you are the driving force behind the transformational work taking places in the homes and schools of our partners around the world. Without your regular commitment we cannot afford to keep these schools and programs open. You are providing the resources necessary for our partners to fulfill the call God placed on their hearts to provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual heath of the children in their care.

Be a Difference Maker


You help provide nutritious meals for your child as well as basic medical care. Your sponsor child can have peace of mind knowing where their next meal is coming from. This helps them focus and have energy to put into their studies. For once they have a chance to dream with more hope for the future. They can start healthy patterns here to build on the rest of their life.


When working with kids in poverty we find that we are often dealing with high levels of trauma. It takes a lot to make a child with trauma feel safe and secure and this is a high priority for all our partners. Your sponsor child will receive care from loving partners who have their best interest at heart. They will be guided to the ultimate Healer and taught that they have a voice and value in the kingdom of God.


Each of our partners follows the same beliefs and values as Heart of the Bride with the highest levels of integrity. They do an incredible job passing on the love of Jesus to the children in their care. It is our desire that each child gets to know the Lord on a personal level and we work to enable this through Bible teaching and personal discipleship. Your sponsorship provides the means for these relationships to take place.


We believe that education is key in breaking the cycle of poverty. Through sponsorship, kids that would not be able to go to school are now receiving high quality educations from a caring and qualified partner. After graduation, many of our students take advantage of the Upward Scholarship Fund and apply for help to get through University. We have had the pleasure of seeing many students successfully start their careers and give back to the community.

Start Sponsoring Today!


$100/Month: This comprehensive sponsorship option is for our residential programs. Children receive a safe home, daily meals, and a sense of family. They are given a space to heal and grow in their faith with training and discipleship.

Abba's Heart

Rescued from the streets of Kitwe, Zambia, these children are finally able to find hope for the future. On the streets they were stuck in lives of drug addiction, abuse, prostitution and extreme poverty. At Abba's Heart they can receive trauma care and counseling, biblical instruction, and training for the future.


$50/Month:  Education is the key to long term success in these children's lives. With a strong education they can break the cycle of poverty and better their chances at providing for themselves and their families. An education sponsorship covers their school supplies, a daily meal, uniforms, and operational costs of the school. Sponsors also have the option to fully satisfy a child’s educational needs with $100 monthly.


Sponsor the education of a child in Kitwe, Zambia

Human Care School

Sponsor the education of a child in Mare Rouge, Haiti


Sponsor the education of a child in Southeast Asia

Eagles Academy

Sponsor the education of a child in Kithianio, Kenya


$25, $50, $75, or $100/Month: Site Sponsors pour heart and resources into the community of children living in Haiti, Southeast Asia, Africa, and as well as those in need of emergency care. As we continue caring for more children, this faithful support offers sustainability to these life transforming ministries.


Become a sponsor of this entire site! It will cover unexpected and large medical expenses, cover children who come in unsponsored and help us rescue children in urgent situations.

Human Care School

Become a sponsor of this entire site! Help cover food expenses, teacher salaries, uniforms and cover children who come in unsponsored.


Become a sponsor of this entire site! Help cover food expenses, teacher salaries, uniforms and cover children who come in unsponsored.

Eagles Academy

Become a sponsor of this entire site! Help cover food expenses, teacher salaries, uniforms and cover children who come in unsponsored.

As a Sponsor You Receive:

  • Photos of your child or their class
  • Yearly updates
  • Letters from your child when possible
  • Videos when possible


Pray Regularly

use the prayer points sent to you by Heart of the Bride as guidance to pray for the healthy growth of your child in all areas of life

Be Mindful

keep the photos you have been sent in a prominent location to remind you of
your sponsor child


send letters of encouragement to your child, this connection is more meaningful to them than you can imagine!


join a short term mission team to visit your child in person

Share The Love

spread the good news of what is happening with our partners with your friends and family

 If you would like more information regarding sponsorship opportunities. Contact us and we will connect you with a child in need of your love and support. Call 850-678-9008 or via email at