Fundraising Ideas for Kids & Families

Creative ideas to get your family involved in caring for orphans.

  1. Pet Sitting - Lots of people travel during the summer and holidays and need someone to watch their pets. Use the money earned to help an orphan.
  2. Set up a by “Donation” Lemonade/Baked Goods Stand - Put photos and information about Heart of the Bride on display and share what the money raised will go for. HOB can send you photos and info.
  3. Can Collections - Collect soda cans and take them to the recycling center near you. They will weigh & pay you for the cans you bring in.
  4. Sell Old DVD’s and Games - You can take dvd’s and computer games you no longer use to your area Gamestop or EB Games and sell them.
  5. Extra Chores - You can offer to do extra chores around your house to raise funds for children less fortunate than yourself.
  6. Yard Work - Pull weeds or if you are old enough; mow the yard. You can water plants, or if you have a garden pick the ripened vegetables.
  7. Host a Rice Dinner - Invite friends and family to a dinner of rice or rice and beans. Have them donate the amount they would have spent on going out to restaurant.
  8. Host a “No Gifts for Me” Birthday Party - Ask the invited guests to bring the money they would have spent on a gift instead.
  9. Clean out your toy box - Hold a yard sale and sell your old toys for children who don’t have very many toys.

If you have a creative fundraising idea you want to try let us know. Contact Carol at 850.678.9008 or