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Brian Crisman

Introducing The New Executive Director of HOB

Dear Friend of Heart of the Bride,
I am so thrilled to greet you this year as the new Executive Director of Heart of the Bride Ministries.  Some of you may have read my brief intro here but, either way, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and dream of the future.  This email is long but also extremely awesome and potentially life changing. Read everything or the sections that interest you, but know that the more you read the more blessing you will receive. No, I can’t promise that! But I sincerely hope you will read it and that we get to know each other.  Thank you for taking this journey with us.

A Little About Me.

I met my wife on  the first day of my college career, September 2, 1992, in Music Theory 101 where we were both pursuing Music Education degrees.  We became friends quickly and were best friends within a matter of months.  By April of 1993 we were dating.  We were “that” couple.  Everyone already assumed we were dating so, when we finally did, people barely even noticed!  We were engaged in January of 1994 and married on December 30 of that same year. Yes folks, we’ve been married now for 25 years.  I could not be more blessed with a wife, soul mate, and partner in the ministry than I am with Sonya.  She was on fire for the Lord when I met her and has walked consistently with the Lord all the years I’ve known her.  She has taught me and challenged me to grow and live in faith.  She jumps whenever God leads and stands firm in her faith against challenges.  We are blessed with 6 children, 1 son-in-law, 1 grand child, and 1 grandchild on the way. After my first loves of God and family, I love water sports, running, American Ninja style workouts, and recently discovered skydiving.

How Did We Get Here?

Sonya and I have always said that chasing God’s will can be a wild adventure; and He has proven that to us time and time again.   Our path to this point in our lives looks very much like a crazy adventure with twists and turns that only an omniscient God could orchestrate.
I began in ministry as an orchestra director in college and transitioned to leading worship in seminary where I completed a degree that has no relation to my current calling.  God led us from southern Alabama to Louisville, Little Rock, and Gadsden, AL where our heart for discipleship began to develop.  It was there that we realized that anyone who would truly worship our Lord must be a seeker first!  So, we devoted our lives and ministry to leading others to be seekers of God.  God then took us to southeast Missouri where that heart continued to grow.  It was that heart for discipleship that first brought us to the staff of Heart of the Bride.
Being married to the sister of the former Executive Director, Tony Gibson,  I watched Heart of the Bride from birth.    But the watching turned into a yearning in 2008 as I traveled to Kenya with HOB for the first time.  It was there that God opened my eyes to the real need of the abandoned in our world and called me to share His heart for them.  It was also the first inkling toward adoption on our hearts; an inkling that wouldn’t be fully realized until 2017.  Our passion to disciple the leaders and children of Kithianio, Kenya
led us into a deep partnership with the Kenyan ministries of HOB from our church in Missouri and then to the calling to join the HOB staff in 2015 as the Director of International Discipleship.  God added another detour on our wild adventure when He put me on the staff of our local church for a short time as Executive Pastor before the Board called in late 2019 to talk about the future of HOB. Again, another crazy, unexpected change. We entered into a deep time of prayer where God answered very quickly, “This is why I brought you down here.”  And so, here we are.

Where Are We Going?

The enormity of the shoes God has called me to fill does not escape me.  Through Tony and Faith, God has done an incredible work around the world through Heart of the Bride.   We are indebted to their vision, faith, and sacrifice which have laid the foundations of a great work.  As I’ve prayed through this task, and wrestled with self-doubt, God has revealed Himself as the ultimate encourager.  Within the last few weeks He has confirmed this message to me, “There is more to come.”  He is the God who declares the end from the beginning and things which are not yet as though they are so that His purpose is done (Isa. 46:10).  He is the God who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine though His power working in us (Eph. 3:20). So – as we  build the Eagles Christian Academy in Kenya, open a second Abbas Heart resident home for street kids in Zambia, rebuild the ministry of Nirikshea (Hope)to the impoverished children of India, and help college age kids reach emotional, physical, and spiritual maturity around the world for the glory of God – we pray bold prayers to Him who is able to do it, and much more than we can imagine, because

 There Is More To Come.


 I invite you to join us in the more to come. Go on a trip, partner with a ministry, sponsor a child – give, pray, go. There are many ways to join. Call me, email me, or drop by if you are local. I want to get to know you and help you plug in.

In His Service,