Adoption Aid FAQ's

Can you send me an application packet?

You can request an application to be sent to you via e-mail by contacting (Please verify you meet all guidelines before applying).

Can we start the application process if we do not have an agency or home study completed?

No, before applying you must have an updated completed home study and be working with a licensed 501c3 child placing agency.

Can we apply post placement?

No, applications must be submitted prior to adoptive placement.

What types of adoptions qualify for placement?

We consider both international and domestic adoption.

What are all of the application deadlines?

We are a small grant organization and deadlines are always contingent upon funds available. Deadlines will be listed on our website. If a deadline has already passed, please check the website in the future for an updated listing. Typically, we have a fall and spring grant distribution.

When are grants awarded?

30-90 days are required for the review of the applications.

How will we be notified about the outcome of the review process?

Each applicant will be contacted either by telephone or postal mail regarding outcomes of the review process.

How will we receive the grants if we are awarded one?

Your agency will also receive a phone call regarding you being awarded a grant. The grant check will be mailed directly to your agency on your behalf. A minimum of 10 days will be required for your agency to receive their check after first contact with your agency has been made.

May we apply more than once?

After a decision has been made, you may not re-apply for the same adoption.

Do you grant awards to non-U.S. citizens?

At least one parent must be a U.S. citizen. Also, please remember that your agency must be a licensed 501c3 child placing agency.