Heart of the Bride (#73832) is an approved 2015 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) National/International Organization


Your donation will be used to provide care directly to orphans around the world.

The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all," according to the CFC website.

The Combined Federal Campaign is a great way for Government Employees to donate to charities. For government employees, the Combined Federal Campaign makes giving easy. From postal workers to military personnel, federal employees can give to Heart of the Bride pre-tax.

If you want to join our CFC promotion team contact Michael at 850.678.9008 or michael@heartofthebride.org.

Why Choose Heart of the Bride

Heart of the Bride (HOB) was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping provide for the needs of orphans around the world. Our primary mission is to Share From Our Abundance With Those In Greatest Need.

Through steadfast prayer and partnering with Pastors and Christian Leaders in underprivileged countries, HOB has established on-going relationships with local orphan ministries in 6 nations -- Haiti, India, Kenya, Ukraine, and Zambia. HOB currently provides for over 500 orphans with plans to expand our ministry to those in need in the coming year.

Since our public launch of the ministry in the fall of 2004, Heart of the Bride has continued to grow at a rapid but manageable pace. Multiple long term missionaries have been commissioned, many orphanage facilities have been built, our contribution base has grown from regional to national, and short term ministry opportunities have continued to multiply. Our home staff is also continuing to grow comprised of full-time faith supported workers, part time staff, and many professional volunteers.

Get to know our organization, take a look at:
  1. Our HOB Ministries At a Glance page to see where we are working.
  2. HOB takes stewardship of your CFC donation seriously. See for yourself.
  3. Heart of the Bride is a Christian ministry. Read our Statement of Faith.
  4. Read about our strategy for assisting orphans around the world.
  5. Check out our HOB Videos.

You Can Trust Us with Your Contribution

We take stewardship of your financial contribution seriously and we have third-party verification to prove it. Learn how we meet the highest standards of financial and ethical accountability according to the ECFA on our financial stewardship info page.

How your donation will impact orphans
  CFC Campaign
Your donation will provide food relief to hundreds of kids
  • HOB provides meals as part of the comprehensive care provided to kids living in the orphanages we support.
  • HOB's Haiti Food Program provides three nutritious meals each day to over 250 orphans in rural Northwest Haiti. Without these meals the vast majority of them would not even get one nutritious meal each day.  

PHOTO: Jack and Ruth enjoying a meal at 

House of Hope in Naivasha, Kenya.

Basic Needs
Your donation will help cover the basic needs of homes for kids
  • Most HOB Kids live in homes that provide comprehensive 24/7 care and provide for their needs as best as possible. As with all families, there are unexpected expenses that surpass monthly support. Your donation will help cover those unmet financial needs.

PHOTO: Our Ukrainian partners have rescued 10 children
from state-run orphanages and given them a loving home.



CFC Campaign
Your donation will help provide shelter, care, and education to HOB Kids in need
  • A key component of our strategy to break the cycle of poverty and build leaders is through education. Unlike the US, the developing nations we serve in require students to pay fees to attend school. Our desire is to see every HOB Kid complete their education at the highest quality school we can support financially - at no cost to them.  

PHOTO: Orphans like Esther understand the value of  

education in breaking the cycle of poverty.

CFC Campaign
Your donation will support our staff in serving kids and workers in developing nations
  • Full-time HOB staff salaries are not taken from HOB's ministry funds; full-time staff (including the Ministry Director) are Missionaries who raise their own support. However, it takes financial resources to cover our office expenses and administrative costs related to caring for orphans around the world.  Since HOB was founded, administrative costs have remained at 10% or below annually.    

PHOTO: A boy who once lived on the streets of Kitwe, Zambia

receives emotional and spiritual support from our ministry staff.    


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If you want to join our CFC promotion team contact Heart of the Bride at 850.678.9008 or info@heartofthebride.org.