Become an HOB Advocate for Orphans

God clearly states that helping orphans is a worthy investment of our time and resources (James 1:27).

To meet the growing scope of our ministry we're building a team of advocates with a heart to help us expand our ministry to orphans. This team will be provided with the knowledge, resources and guidance to share Heart of the Bride’s ministry within your circle of influence. We value your involvement and hope you will prayerfully consider joining us in helping those in greatest need.


As an advocate here are a few things we're asking you to do. If you have the desire to help in one of these ways, let us know:

  • People willing to share their passion for HOB with churches, small groups, businesses, friends, and others in their social circle with our help.
  • Sharing or implementing ideas for missional fundraising -- they don't have to be big, but they do need to be effective.
  • Holding awareness events in your community. We will help prepare you with education and resources. Depending on location, we can even send an HOB staff member to speak at your event.
  • Friends willing to use their Facebook, Twitter, blog or email to spread the word about HOB. We started an awareness campaign with our Back to Africa Facebook page and tripled our "Facebook Fans" in just 4 days!

We need help from people like you to continue our progress and ensure HOB Kids have a future. There may not be a more exciting opportunity to put faith into action than to make a difference in the life of child today, a family tomorrow, and an entire nation in the future.  There are untold numbers of people in our personal and professional lives who have a genuine desire to help others if:

  1. The need is genuine
  2. They trust the organization (or trust your endorsement)
  3. They know their money will be spent responsibly.
Heart of the Bride unequivocally meets those three standards and is a member of the ECFA – proof that HOB meets the highest standards of financial and ethical accountability ( When you add your passion for our ministry it makes a compelling case for others to get involved.

HOB will provide you with ministry information, related materials; and personal guidance - then you provide the manpower. Depending on location, we can even send an HOB staff member to speak at an advocacy or awareness event. 

View HOB's List of Fundraising Ideas


When HOB began we trusted God to lead our ministry and early on we realized HOB was being called to minister to those in greatest need based on God’s command in James 1:27. Since then we’ve begun work in Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, Ukraine, and Zambia with a group of international partners passionate about caring for orphans and vulnerable children and families. Without God’s provision -- through people like you -- none of this would have been possible. Thank you for being a part of this calling.

Today Heart of the Bride is providing care for over 400 orphans and giving them a chance at life… a life that far too many of them would not have without your help. Working through our partners we have been blessed to provide a loving Christian environment for children once abandoned on trash piles, held hostage in closets, sleeping in sewers, abused by their family, victimized by their elders, suffering from AIDS, orphaned by disease and many other sad and unfortunate situations. Thank you for giving them hope and a future.


At our annual HOB Gathering in January 2011 we announced Vision 2025 – a plan to see that the hundreds of orphans in our care grow up to plant “new family trees by streams of living water”. It will take a lot to reach that goal – a loving home, food, medical care, a quality education, discipleship, life and job skill training and lots of prayer – but the effort will be worth it as we help grow “oaks of righteousness”. This is no small task but with the help of our church partners, advocates, long and short term missionaries, and those yet to hear about HOB we are confident in God’s plan for the least of these. We are willing to do whatever it takes to see this vision become a reality.


Here is a great example of how people just like you can make a difference:

Over Christmas 2010, a couple from Michigan visited relatives in Kenya who work as missionaries in a community near House of Hope. They visited House of Hope and became aware of the critical need for a well on the property and the shortfall in funds to complete a project that’s been ongoing for over 2 years.

Prior to this trip they knew little about HOB and were not involved in our ministry.

They returned from Kenya and felt a burden to help raise awareness of Heart of the Bride and the well funding among their family and friends. The couple took action immediately and planned to host several dessert nights over a month’s time. We worked with them to provide details about HOB’s ministry and sent promotional resources they could use during their events. They said their friends are average working families with young kids and not much extra income to give but they were determined to share their burden and see what God would do to meet the need.

God has honored their efforts in a way that surprised and humbled all of us.

In less than a month and only two dessert nights their family and friends gave $14,196! When added to current well funds it will cover the entire cost of completing the well. A project that was nowhere near completion after two years is about to provide water for HOB kids because of their willingness to be used by God.

This story is so encouraging to us because it shows what people with a passion for helping orphans can accomplish if they put their heart into sharing this ministry with others. God’s provision and perfect timing have sustained this ministry through the efforts of our friends and partners and we trust that will continue. But the benefits are not just ours; it has also encouraged many people’s faith.

Here’s how this couple describes their experience:

“He [God] has been so faithful throughout this entire journey, and we are humbled by what He has done. Every time we would get overwhelmed by the amount of money left to raise another donation would arrive. It brings tears to my eyes to think about the fact that God used us for this project. He could have done it all on His own, but He gave us the privilege of being a part of it. We can't physically be present in Kenya to pour love and affection into the hearts of the precious children at House of Hope, but we can be advocates for them here in the States and provide assistance to those who are on the front lines in Kenya. We feel so blessed that God has allowed us to be a part of their lives.”

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of orphans?

If you would like to become an HOB Advocate please contact Michael at 850.678.9008 or